About easit

I set up the easitNETWORK to make commuting easier, greener and healthier.  

We're a small social enterprise but with a huge aim.  The more we can encourage commuters to use sustainable ways to get to work - reducing congestion and pollution - and to stay fit, then life will naturally be better for all!

Sometimes it's the small steps that make the greatest difference.  Just think - if we all left the car at home for just one day each week, we could reduce road congestion and CO2 emissions by 20%!

Become part of the easitNETWORK and join its ever expanding 2.5 million commuters to discover all sorts of wonderful ways in which your business, staff and local area can benefit...

Dr Mel Mehmet MBE


easitNETWORK employer benefits

  • Reduced/eliminated parking problems for staff and clients
  • Reduced onsite parking costs
  • Better staff recruitment/retention because of better journeys to work
  • Better corporate image
  • Reduced business travel/mileage cost
  • Better staff health and wellbeing
  • Better community relations
  • Better environmental and social responsibilities 

easitNETWORK staff benefits

  • Parking solutions
  • Designated parking spaces for car sharers
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Travel perks based on sustainability not seniority
  • Healthier travel options
  • Reduced journey times and stress

easitNETWORK community benefits

  • Better public transport services 
  • Safer, quieter and less polluted surroundings
  • No more inconsiderate parking
  • Better cycling and walking infrastructure